Boxy Magic

Blocks are the building materials for Schéma behaviors. They can generate, modify, combine, choose and block various aspects (such as color or pan of a moving head) that then flow into a fixture or other output.


All blocks are categorised into the following broad categories depending on their usage context. Further subcategories hint at what aspect the block deals with.

  • Sources - Aspect generation, your starting point

  • Operators - Combining multiple inputs into one output, such as adding two colors together

  • Effects - Modifying one input to become another output

  • Pick - Picking one output from multiple inputs

  • Gate - Allowing or blocking an input to pass through

  • Filter - Allowing only some aspects through

  • Convert - Converting from one aspect to another, eg. color intensity to movement

  • Transition - Providing transitions from one aspect set to another. Eg. Fade. Usually not used manually but added automatically on animation assignments.

  • Hybrid - Special nodes that do not fall into any of the previous categories