Getting Started


  1. A computer running Windows 7+

  2. 3 button computer mouse (or a middle click supporting touchpad setup)

  3. A fresh install of VVVV beta 38.1, refer to (addonpack is not needed)


  1. Unpack the archive (wherever you see fit)

  2. Run the "Install Dependencies.bat" batch script (this will install required VL nugets and Fonts)

  3. If using an ArtNet device, set your node's IP address in /Main/config/override.json (This will move to the UI in the future)



Open one of the included VVVV template patches, consider starting out with Schema_Simple.v4p

If you installed everything correctly you should now be presented with a Schéma window and you can start placing Fixtures and setting up Behaviors.

If you're new to Schéma, now might be the right time to check out the Controls and then the rest of this Guide.

There is also some Example Stacks included, you can load these from the Block Stack view using Load (Ctrl+L) and look for the Example category.