Fixtures are objects representing lights, smoke machines and other devices whose behavior can be modelled using Block Stacks. Fixtures are placed in 3D space by double clicking and selecting in the Schematic view.

This following describes a feature concept and is not currently available in the software.

Fixtures don't just have to be lights. Enter Machines. Machines represent both physical and virtual objects. This includes but is not limited to light fixtures, I/O devices (Keyboard, Mouse, Audio, MIDI, Gamepads, Positionally tracked controllers, Other hardware sensors, Serial or network streams, DMX adaptors) or any virtual objects.

Each of these machines can have its own behavior modelled using Block Stacks.

Inside it's possible to create messaging links to other machines and thus create inter-machine communication.

  • Recipients based on

    • Unique ID

    • Groups

    • Name filters

    • Other